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Hear the Stories of Hope

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Every day, people just like you walk into our office and begin a miraculous journey back to health!
Every day those very same people ask us why they didn't know about Agape Chiropractic until now.
So we have asked them to share their stories so you can see there is HOPE! Listen to their message, and then “share” their stories with your network of friends and family who might also be inspired to take their first step towards overcoming whatever is ailing them!
Just by sharing one simple story you may change the life of someone you love. You never know how far reaching something you think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow!
"Dr. Liz is amazing! Thank you for helping to improve my overall health"
- Lisa S.
"I brought my 2 year old son to see Dr. Liz for the first time today after hearing she had worked with other special needs children and I couldn't be happier! He has some sensory processing issues and can be a handful, Dr. Liz was extremely patient and creative in finding ways to work with him. She was able to gain his trust and get my son adjusted in quick order. On top of the great service she was kind enough to let him have a toy he had taken a shining to in her waiting room that he hasn't put down since! I would HIGHLY recommend Agape and Dr. Liz to anyone looking for chiropractic in the Rochester area!"
-Laurianne F.
"Best chiropractic practice I have ever been too. Dr. Liz is amazing; she makes you feel very comfortable. She helps correct the problem, not just with pain management. Highly recommend!!!"
-Marissa G.
"Love dr liz"
-Katrina S.
I started going to Liz for my pain in my back due to my scoliosis. I also found out I was pregnant right after my first ...consult with her as well. The pain in my back is basically non existent anymore (minus the pregnancy aches and pains every so often). I thought I was going to need surgery my pain was so bad at times. Once I went to her I would never go anywhere else! She takes her time with me, and is very good at what she does. Without her my pregnancy would be horrible with back pain. After I have my baby I know I won't have any pains. I 100% recommend going to Dr. Liz. She will fix you right up!
Makaya B
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